• What is a TONiQ?

    The word “tonic” has been used for centuries, and harkens back to a time when herbal tonics and elixirs were utilized to promote health and well-being.

    Here’s what the dictionary has to say about it:

    • (Pharmacology) a medicinal preparation intended to improve and strengthen the functioning of the body or increase the feeling of wellbeing.
    • Anything that enlivens or strengthens: His speech was a tonic to the audience.
  • Do TRUETONiQS contain sugar?

    We use three types of sweeteners in our products—erythritol, stevia and raw cane sugar—all of which are 100% organic. The important thing to note is our reformulated products have half the sugar of our original blends. We use the minimum amount of sugar necessary to make our products delicious. And we list the calorie count on the front of every can, so you can make informed decisions about what you’re putting in your body.

  • What does it mean when you state that your products are "Made with Organic?"

    Our products are certified to the “Made with Organic…” level under the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP).  This means:

    • All of our products are composed of a minimum of 70% certified organic ingredients.
    • The maximum 30% non-organic organic ingredients are strictly delineated in the National Organic Program.
    • The products are processed in a facility that is certified organic under the National Organic Program.
    • Our formulas and packaging are reviewed and approved by a USDA-accredited certifier, Quality Assurance International (QAI).
  • How many cans can I consume in a day?

    We recommend no more than two cans per day of any TRUETONiQSTM liquid dietary supplement.

  • Do your products contain GMO’s?

    All TRUETONiQSTM products are non-GMO.

  • Are your products Kosher certified?

    No, currently TRUETONiQSTM does not have kosher certification.

  • Do I need to refrigerate TRUETONiQS after opening?

    Yes, if you are unable to finish a full can, please refrigerate it after opening.

  • What’s the shelf life of your products?

    Each can of TRUETONiQSTM has a shelf life of about one year.

  • Are your TRUETONiQS shelf stable?

    Our products are shelf stable, but refrigeration is recommended after opening.

  • Can I drink TRUETONiQS while pregnant?

    Please check with your doctor before consuming TRUETONiQSTM during pregnancy.

  • Can I drink TRUETONiQS while breast-feeding?

    We recommend that women who are breastfeeding consult their doctor before consuming TRUETONiQSTM.

  • Are there any side effects to drinking TRUETONiQS?

    We are not aware of any side effects in relation to our products, however you should always refer to your physician’s advice when consuming any dietary supplement.

  • Are these products tested on animals?

    We never test our products on animals.

  • Can I use these products as a mixer?

    TRUETONiQSTM does not endorse or encourage mixing our products with alcohol.

  • Are these products Vegan?


  • Can I drink these products if I have diabetes?

    We recommend checking with your doctor prior to consuming TRUETONiQSTM if you have diabetes.

  • Will ZEN TONiQTM make me sleepy?

    A can of ZEN TONiQTM should not put you to sleep, but you may feel a sense of relaxation.

  • Can I drink a ZEN TONiQTM and drive?


  • When is the best time to drink FIT TONiQTM?

    We recommend drinking FIT TONiQTM prior to exercise.

  • What are the images on your cans?

    The art on our cans is inspired by Rorschach inkblots. They are completely up to your interpretation.

  • Can I drink the product after the best by date?

    We do not recommend drinking the product past the production date viewed on the bottom of the can.

  • Are your cans and packaging recyclable?


  • Can children drink these products?

    TRUETONiQSTM recommends consulting with your pediatrician before giving our products to children under the age of 12.

  • Are these products produced in the United States?


  • Where do you get your ingredients/herbs/flavors?

    We scour the globe for the most effective ingredients in order to provide the optimum experience for our customers.

  • Your package has a supplement facts panel on it, what does that mean?

    The FDA classifies TRUETONiQSTM as a dietary supplement. That panel contains our ingredients and nutritional information.

  • Is this product a drink or a beverage?

    TRUE TONiQSTM is a refreshing liquid dietary supplement.

  • Are these products energy drinks?

    TRUETONiQSTM is not an energy drink.

  • What does CO2 extracted botanicals mean?

    The CO2 extraction process consists of pumping pressurized carbon dioxide into a chamber filled with plant matter. When carbon dioxide is subjected to pressure it becomes “supercritical” and has liquid properties while remaining in a gaseous state. Because of the liquid properties of the gas, the CO2 pulls the oils and other substances such as pigment and resin from the plant matter. Thus, the difference between CO2, or supercritical, extraction and traditional distillation is that CO2 is used instead of heated water or steam. The temperature involved in the supercritical extraction process is around 95 to 100 degrees F as opposed to 140 to 212 degrees F in steam distillation.

  • What is the "fruit and vegetable juice for color" used in BRAIN TONiQTM? and FIT TONiQTM?

    The color in BRAIN TONiQTM is made of Carrots and Apple Concentrate.

    The color in FIT TONiQTM  is made of Carrots, Apple Concentrate, Black Carrot, Black Currant.


  • What is Gellan Gum?

    Gellan Gum is an organic compliant stabilizer that’s obtained through a natural fermentation process, which allows the active ingredients in TRUETONiQSTM products to remain in suspension, thus resulting in the active botanicals being consumed while drinking the product, as opposed to the actives settling at the bottom of the can. All the ingredients in the natural flavors are either certified organic or organic compliant, with the specific formulations being proprietary. The natural flavors in TRUETONiQSTM products include real fruit extracts that make up the flavor/taste of each product.