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  • Health & Beauty Gift Guide

    If we find something we like we use it and if it matches our “Surety of Purity” mantra (certified organic, NONGMO Project Verified and more) or comes pretty close to it (after all we’re not total purists) we want to share that knowledge and info with all of our customers, friends and colleagues. Another reason why we create these guides is we want to bring more to you than just our crazy good TRUE TONiQS™, because there’s a lot of good products out there and they deserve our praise. Nothing better than a compliment, right? So here’s a few we use and think are great for a variety of reasons; purity of ingredients, they work, they taste good (that’s the toothpaste) and they pamper you. And you know you deserve to be pampered…

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  • The Five Habits of Calmness

    Calmness may not be a natural state, but like most things in life, building the habit to be calm takes time, mindfulness, and effort. Even developing the habits may not lead to a completely calm life, but it will surely help.

    Remember: these are not one-time use ideas. Habits take weeks, sometimes months to build. Don’t give up! …

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  • When to Pick up the Phone Instead of Texting

    In these days of instant text communication, talking on the telephone may seem outdated, odd, or even outright rude. Both the number of landlines and the average time spent talking on the phone has been steadily decreasing since the 90’s, and that trend continues to this day. However, there are times and places where talking on the phone is the best option. Here are a few times when it’s better to take a deep breath and hit that “Call” button….

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  • How to Start a Walking Program

    Need alone time? Fire up the music and head off into a nearby trail. Want company? Hook up with a few friends and go for a walk to a cafe or hangout spot. Walking just 21 minutes a day, for example, can reduce the risk of heart disease by 30%. It has also been shown to reduce the risk of diabetes and cancer, lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol, as well as keep you mentally sharp. …

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