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The weekend has rolled around, but you’ve found yourself with moths in your wallet. Don’t fret! Here is a quick list of activities to do this weekend – bring a friend or date, or enjoy some you-time!

1. Stroll Around a Lake

This classic weekend activity can be done alone, with a friend or someone you’re just getting to know. Dogs love it, and be sure to bring some stale bread to feed the ducks. If the weather is colder, bring a thermos of your favorite hot drink to sip and stay warm.


2. Go Hiking

Whether it’s a hike high up in the mountains or an urban adventure, there are opportunities to walk and discover new things everywhere. Keep your limits in mind – are you looking to push yourself, or enjoy the stroll? Plan the trip to end at a nice cafe or scene overlook for that sense of accomplishment. Be sure to wear good footwear, use sunscreen, wear a hat, and bring water! (no one was hurt in the GIF…) 🙂 



3. Ride a Bicycle

If you don’t own a bike, rentals are usually available from local bike shops, and many cities have bike rentals available. Map out a route that has a lot of interesting stops, or use it as an excuse to check out a place you’ve never been before. This can be a very kid-friendly activity. Be sure to wear a helmet.



4. Start a Craft Hobby

Have you always wanted to learn how to sew, or knit, or refurbish your old furniture? Now’s the time! Many craft hobbies have starter kits that are very inexpensive and can get you started with easy-to-do projects.



5. Go to an Art Gallery

A quick search online or in the newspaper should tell you if there are any interesting art installations in your area. Pair this activity with urban hiking or bike riding and you’ll be exercising your mind as well as your body!



6. Explore a Museum

Rather than wander around, see if they have any self-guided or regular tours first. Take your time to enjoy the exhibits. You can bring in a sketchbook or journal if you feel inspired to work on your writing or art!



7. Picnic Time

You’re already going on a hike or bike ride, pack up your lunch and plan your route to include a stop at a park or a good stop near the lake. You’re already going to be eating, so why not make lunch an activity as well? This is a great low-pressure date idea, and a good way to get the kids out of the house. Which of our Toniqs do you pair with pizza? 🙂 



8. Read a Classic Book

There are a lot of famous, classic books out there. Which one have you always thought about reading, but you’ve never gotten around to it? Stop by the library to get a copy, then cozy up with some tea or coffee and get started!



As you can see, these are just a few ideas to get you started. With some dedicated planning, you can do several at the same time, which could give a good day filled with satisfying activities with low-to-no cost.

And maybe a couple of FIT TONiQS will fit right in.

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