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In these days of instant text communication, talking on the telephone may seem outdated, odd, or even outright rude. Both the number of landlines and the average time spent talking on the phone has been steadily decreasing since the 90’s, and that trend continues to this day.

However, there are times and places where talking on the phone is the best option. Here are a few times when it’s better to take a deep breath and hit that “Call” button.


Awkward Conversations

Oddly, the conversations you want to avoid are the ones that should be made in a call instead of text or email. If there’s something important to convey, or if the risk of miscommunication is high, it’s best to have that instant back-and-forth. Voice conveys much more than simple text – nuance, inflection, emotion, and the like – and these may be vital to getting your point across, or really hearing and responding to someone else. The risk of things getting worse is too high to trust to simple text.

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Building Relationships

Talking has been the primary way of communication since humanity began. While talking face-to-face is best, for those with whom you want to build rapport and empathy. Like the point above, calling is the best way to avoid miscommunication, but the act of calling itself communications a point: “You are important to me, and you have my undivided attention.” More feelings can be built in a few minutes of talking than texting or emails, so use it to your advantage.

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Scheduling It

We may have become so used to texting that a sudden, unexpected call can be rude, confrontational, or even outright scary. If you have the option to set up a call ahead of time, that allows both parties to get in the right “phone call” space. At the very least, a text asking if now is a good time to talk on the phone is always a polite thing to do.

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Texts and emails are good ways to convey one-way information, as it gives the receiver the freedom to read and respond on their own time. Calling, however, may be the best bet for those times when you need to have a real conversation and exchange a lot of information between you and the other party.

Think about it this way: If this email conversation will take a few hours to write back-and-forth, and you have to wait often for responses, would it be better to have a quick phone call instead?


Clearing Up Confusion

It’s strange to say, but if you receive a message from someone and you don’t understand, or if it’s hurtful and you’re not sure they meant it that way, a quick call to ask can quickly clear up what could be a long-lasting string of miscommunication and drama. Like the first point above, it may be a really awkward situation, but you may be able to fix it within the hour as opposed to letting it go on for a long time – which would you prefer?

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Choose Which is Best for You

In the end, how we chose to communication different types of information in itself communicates something. Knowing when to be present on a telephone call can establish good habits and convey personal integrity while avoiding potentially bad or lengthy miscommunication.


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