Important health benefits, 5,000 years in the making

How long does it take for a belief to become a truth? How about 5,000 years? That’s how long the practitioners of Ayurveda – the ancient healing system of India – have been using remedies like yoga, meditation, and highly concentrated botanicals (plants) to promote healthier lives.

While many people in today’s modern world have come to adopt certain practices (such as yoga) into their daily lives, the key to Ayurveda is finding balance with a holistic approach that addresses mind, body, and spirit. We’ve created TRUETONiQS™ as a convenient and modern solution that delivers plant-based solutions from the Ayurvedic Apothecary to the West.

Why are you starting to hear more about Ayurveda?

Ayurveda may be an ancient practice, but its holistic methodologies remain as true today as they were thousands of years ago in India. In our fast-paced modern world, we’re constantly juggling work, family, relationships and our own physical and mental wellbeing. More and more people are turning to the power of botanicals for solutions. TRUETONiQS™ uses a carefully crafted blend of highly concentrated botanical extracts to bring the perfect mix of hydration, refreshment and nutrition to your busy day.

Four formulas for a healthier you, no matter your need.

All of our TRUETONiQS formulas are certified organic, non-GMO verified, caffeine-free. Each also satisfies two of today’s biggest overriding trends in that they contain less sugar and fewer calories. Using a method called CO2 extraction, we maximize the potency of each plant – specifically chosen for their unique benefits – and combine them to provide a clean, convenient and delicious solution to some of today’s most common everyday needs:

BRAIN TONiQ is designed to promote healthy brain and cognitive function.
FIT TONiQ has been created to support healthy metabolism and weight management.
IMMUNO TONiQ is intended to support and maintain a healthy immune system.
ZEN TONiQ promotes a calm and relaxed feeling.

We don’t promise miracles.

Our botanical formulas have helped us in our own lives, but we are by no means trying to tell you how to live yours. So, rather than make a bunch of lofty claims about our products, we invite you to enjoy a TRUETONiQS™, and tell us about your experience, because, around here, How You Feel Is All That Matters™.

Daily support for a multi-tasking life.

We encourage you to learn more about what’s in our products. Get the facts on all the extraordinary botanicals we use by going to the corresponding product pages and clicking on “Nutrition & Ingredients.”